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meh. i’m not hipster enough for tumblr. thinking of deleting.

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Casablanca (1942)


Casablanca (1942)

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She’s happy. And I’m happy she’s happy. I guess it took a whole lotta hurt, but I sure do know one thing: If I had to start over, I’d do it all over again.

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dude, i just want to talk to someone. no drama. How come when I literally only say “hey, how’ve you been?” people are acting like I’m saying “I’m going to rape the shit out of you”?

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i lost the one. it’s all my fault and now i live with the consequences. time doesn’t make it any easier. nothing does. my pain will continue and she will still be as happy as she ever will be.

Woman: The great ruiner of man.

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good chance you’re not going to see this.. but this is my last message to you. My love and my anguish.

Text 28 Dec

Never want to love again. I’ll pick money over a happy home.
No I’m not trying to get some pity
I just want to stop feeling shitty
Friends? What are those?
Benjamins only friend from my payroll.
Leave me alone.
How many times have you come in and broke my soul?
Did you even know that you broke it though?
I remember when we used to be sweet.
Silence now the only company I keep.
Don’t nobody want to fuck with a guy like me.
All you have to do is blink and you’ll have another guy next week.
I can’t sleep.
I’m terrified by my dreams of you.
You’re an example of a nightmare come true.
Everything related to you got me heavy breathing
While you’re having that good night rest every evening.
It’s sick.
Always making my stomach sick.
How I’m stuck loving you is the most twisted curse of all.

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